We're still ongoing with this site, so if you'd be daring, I hope you'll consider joining the site. This includes editing and adding plot summaries of a character so I know it'd be easy for you.

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Plot Summaries SiteEdit

The Plot Summaries Site is a group of Nodame Cantabile Wiki Users who is given tasks of adding and correcting Plot Summaries in a character page. They are mostly dedicated to perform this task.


Members Signature Admission Date Current Status
Supervisor ThyBlaze (Talk)  ThyBlazeTalk Chibi byakuya December 23,2011 Active
Deputy Master X-treme Lover (Talk) Warning December 24,2011 Active
Image Provider Kaii Kitts (Talk) Me January 4,2011 Active


If you'd like to join, please head over to the talkpage so we can directly add you. Don't forget to put your signatures to be more civil.

Plotting GuidelinesEdit

  • Before adding, please add anime arcs (e.g. Paris Arc; Finale Arc) so viewers won't be confused.
  • The Site don't only include plotting but as well as adding Historical Events in the character under the "History" headline.
  • When adding plot summaries, make sure it's reliable and true. Also, please avoid vandalizing too much like adding unnecessary photos to the plot.
  • You may not quote the sentence the character is stating in an episode.

Site GuidelinesEdit

  • In this site, we add jobs regarding characters those that still needs plot summaries.
  • You can take jobs in this site and gain points.
  • The Supervisor is only the one allowed to do the task of adding users who complete jobs.


Finished JobsEdit

Here are the list of finished jobs reviewed by the Supervisor and Deputy Master: